An insurance is an agreement made by a person with an insurance company so that, in the event that a person or a company suffers damages covered by the insurance contract, it can be compensated totally or partially. The insured, in exchange for the coverage offered by the insurance company, pays a periodic premium to the insurer.
Due to the great importance of insurance, there are several types of insurance, such as car insurance, liability insurance, insurance against dangerous dogs and homeowner’s insurance, all of which are required by law the law.

What is an insurance policy
An insurance policy is a document that details the insurance contract in which are all the benefits agreed between the insured or the company and the insurance company. The insurance policy is characterized by all rights and obligations between the parties. Below we can see the basic information provided by the insurance policy:
Personal information of the insured and the insurer.Detailed description of the insurance contracted, as well as any detail to take into account.Amount of the premium to pay and periodicity of your payment.Insurance validity: duration and date from which it takes effect Sum assured Advantages and guarantees, that is, additional coverages contracted or changes made.
Beneficiaries of the insurance in case they have it, who will be the ones who will receive the compensation.

Who is involved in an insurance contract?
Insurance company: A company that provides insurance services and is obliged to indemnify the insured in case of an event insured in the contract.Insured: person who holds the insurance contract and who is also exposed to the risk.Subcontracting: person who signs the insurance policy and is responsible for the payment of the premium (the compensation of the insurance policy is calculated on the basis of the calculation of the eventuality of the loss and the insurance history). customer’s insurance).
Beneficiary: person compensated according to the conditions established in the insurance contract in the event of an event. Deadlines to be taken into account in the insurance contract.Acceptance period: this is the period between the insurance company that proposes an insurance offer and the person who wishes to take the insurance accepts the offer. Normally, the acceptance period is fifteen days. Absence of coverage: this is the period between the formalization of the policy and the start date of the insurance coverage. During this period, the insured does not have coverage. Grace period: approximately 30 days after the payment of the premium or the periodic policy, in case the insured has not made the payment. Meanwhile, the insured will be covered.

What kind of insurance do you have?
When hiring insurance, we must determine the type of insurance we want to insure based on our personal or professional needs. The insurance is classified between the insurance of persons, the insurance of damages or goods and the insurance of provision of services.

Personal insurance
Life insurance
Personal accident insurance
Health insurance or illness
Dependence insurance

Property or damage insurance.
Car insurance
Engineering insurance
Multi-risk insurance
Credit and surety insurance.
Insurance of various pecuniary losses.
Flight insurance
Transportation insurance
Fire insurance
Liability insurance.

Insurance for the provision of services.
Travel assistance insurance
Death insurance
Legal defense insurance.

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